The Jazz Session #20: Dapp Theory

Dapp Theory

Jason Crane interviews Andy Milne and John Moon of Dapp Theory at the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Andy Milne formed Dapp Theory several years ago to fuse many musical worlds, including hip hop, spoken word, and jazz improvisation. The original group recorded Y’all Just Don’t Know (Concord, 2003). Since then, the personnel roster has changed, but the visionary outlook and exciting music haven’t. Find out more at

The Jazz Session #19: Don Byron

Don Byron

Jason Crane interviews clarinetist Don Byron at the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Byron performed two sets with his Ivey Divey trio featuring pianist Jason Moran and drummer Billy Hart. Byron has covered a lot of ground in his musical career, from the Ivey Divey project (honoring Lester Young) to the music of Junior Walker, Raymond Scott and Mickey Katz. Byron talks about Lester Young, his next project, and the influence of African-American religion on African-American speech. Find out more at

The Jazz Session #18: Jason Moran

Jason Moran

Jason Crane interviews pianist Jason Moran at the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Moran came to play with two bands — his own Bandwagon and Don Byron’s Ivey Divey trio. Moran’s most recent CD is Artist In Residence (Blue Note, 2006), an album composed mostly of Moran’s commissioned works. Moran talks about philosopher Adrian Piper, pianist Jaki Byard, and his new commission to create a multimedia piece inspired by Thelonious Monk’s 1959 Town Hall concert. Find out more at

Rochester International Jazz Festival – Day 7

Show #8 from the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Featuring reviews, news, interviews and more! On this edition: Live sound samples from James Moody, an interview with guitarist Mel Henderson of Paradigm Shift, and a sneak preview of a soon-to-be-released album from a major name in jazz.

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Show #17: Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

Jason Crane interviews drummer Matt Wilson between his sets at the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Wilson played two shows with his Arts & Crafts band featuring Dennis Irwin on bass, Gary Versace on organ and piano, and Michael Rodriquez on trumpet (sitting in for Terrell Stafford). The band’s new album is Scenic Route (Palmetto, 2007). Wilson is one of the most in-demand drummers in jazz, having appeared on more than 160 recordings. Find out more at