The Jazz Session #116: Wayne Wallace


Trombonist Wayne Wallace brings a lifetime of jazz, R&B and latin playing together on his new latin jazz CD, ¡Bien, Bien! (Patois Records, 2009). In this interview, Wallace talks about his introduction to latin music and why it spoke to him; his years as a semi-pro soccer player and how that helped him navigate the communities in which latin music is played; and why he may just have the greatest wedding band in history. Learn more at

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The Jazz Session #90: David Gibson


Trombonist David Gibson delivers another album full of melody and grounded in a strong sense of purpose on his new CD A Little Somethin’ (Posi-Tone, 2009). Gibson is a veteran of the Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band, and a leader in his own right. In this interview, Gibson talks about the importance of melody in his writing; the sound of a working band; and why he chooses to focus on original compositions. Find out more at

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The Jazz Session #62: Jeff Albert


Jason Crane interviews trombonist Jeff Albert about his new album, Similar In The Opposite Way (Fora Sound, 2009). Albert is one of the leaders of the creative music scene in New Orleans, and his Open Ears Music Series helps provide a home for experimental and free music in the Crescent City. In this interview, Albert talks about the Frenchman Street scene, his Chicago-New Orleans connection, and the cultural condition of post-Katrina New Orleans. Find out more at

The Jazz Session #23: Rick Parker

Rick Parker

Jason Crane interviews composer and trombonist Rick Parker. Parker’s most recent album with the Rick Parker Collective is Finding Space (WJF Records, 2006). It was named one of the top CDs of 2006 by Michael Ricci, publisher of All About Jazz. Parker sees himself as a composer first, trombonist second. His passion for writing shows on Finding Space, an album of original music by Parker (plus one number by drummer Kyle Struve). Parker won an ASCAP Young Composer Award for the album’s second track, “Nervous Energy.”

Show #16: Robin Eubanks

Robin Eubanks

Jason Crane interviews trombonist Robin Eubanks before his set at the 2007 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Eubanks is in Rochester with his band EB3, which features Eubanks on acoustic and electric trombone, loops and percussion pads, and keyboard bass; Michelle Rosewoman (subbing for Orrin Evans) on keyboards and keyboard bass; and Kenwood Dennard on drums and keyboard bass. Eubanks is also a member of the Dave Holland Quintet and Big Band and the new Dave Holland Sextet. Find out more at