The Jazz Session #367: Chris Brubeck

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Chris Brubeck’s latest CD is Live At Zankel Music Center with his band Triple Play. In this interview, conducted at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Brubeck talks about his orchestral compositions; how he gets inside the lives of the people he writes music about; the history of the band Triple Play; and writing music with his father, Dave Brubeck. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @ChrisBrubeck.

The Jazz Session #331: James Hirschfeld

Trombonist James Hirschfeld has just released his first album, Two Medicine. In this interview, Hirschfeld talks about his life in music; the song-like quality of his compositions; and how a trip to Germany solidified his desire to pursue an artistic life. Learn more at and buy the record via Follow him on Twitter at @jameshirschfeld.

The Jazz Session #297: Kyoko Kitamura & Jen Baker

An interview and performance with vocalist Kyoko Kitamura and trombonist Jen Baker, recorded live at Downtown Music Gallery in Manhattan. In this interview, Kitamura and Baker talk about collective improvisation; building a new vocabulary; and the structures of their compositions. Learn more at and

The Jazz Session #296: Joe Fiedler

Trombonist Joe Fiedler’s new CD is Sacred Chrome Orb (Yellow Sound, 2011). In this interview, Fiedler talks about the evolution of his trio with John Hebert and Michael Sarin; his use of multiphonics; and why he needs his music to contain fun and humor. Learn more at

Tracks used in this episode: Occult; Next Phase; Sacred Chrome Orb; Ging Gong; Two Kooks.

The Jazz Session #264: Chris Washburne

Chris Washburne and the SYOTOS Band’s most recent album is Fields of Moons (Jazzheads, 2010). In this interview, Washburne talks about his introduction to the New York salsa scene; why SYOTOS chose to record softer music on the new album; and an amazing story about Tito Puente. Learn more at

Tracks used in this episode: Fields Of Moons; Seas Of Slumber; Obsesion; Poinciana; Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love; When Lights Are Low; Non Spoken.