Welcome to The Jazz Session!

“The Jazz Session is the best independent jazz podcast out there.” — Darcy James Argue “Advocacy, bravery, hard work, eloquence: if jazz survives another century he’ll be one of the reasons.” — Andrew Durkin “As overused as this word is, Jason Crane, in fact, a ‘hero’ … to the jazz world anyway. Check out himContinue reading “Welcome to The Jazz Session!”

Two new members talk about why they support The Jazz Session

Kyoko Kitamura, jazz musician: “I see the Jazz Session as something that might represent the future of music journalism: a versatile internet downloadable program which combines audio, the musician’s interview, great questions, great editing. I feel that it is very important to have an outlet where the music and the musicians can speak for themselves.Continue reading “Two new members talk about why they support The Jazz Session”

Vision Festival artists on The Jazz Session

The 16th edition of the Vision Festival has begun here in New York. The following are all the Vision Festival artists who’ve appeared on The Jazz Session: Taylor Ho Bynum Gerald Cleaver Cooper-Moore Garrison Fewell Tomas Fujiwara Stephen Haynes Dom Minasi Joe Morris Miles Okazaki William Parker Matthew Shipp: 2010 & 2011 (with Darius Jones)Continue reading “Vision Festival artists on The Jazz Session”