The Jazz Session #402: The Gnu’s Room

The Gnu’s Room is a bookstore, coffee shop and community center in Auburn, Alabama. In this interview, conducted on the Jazz Or Bust Tour, owner Tina Tatum talks about the incredible community support that kept the Gnu’s Room open; the expanding mission of the store; and why Tina chose to stay in Auburn and create her own scene. This episode really has nothing to do with jazz, but it’s inspiring all the same. Learn more at and follow them on Twitter at @thegnusroom.

The Jazz Session #401: Matthew Kaminski

Matthew Kaminski is a jazz organist with an interesting day job — he plays the organ for the Atlanta Braves. Kaminski’s debut album is Taking My Time (Chicken Coup Records, 2010). In this interview, recorded in the press box at Turner Field, Kaminski talks about the fun and fascinating world of playing organ for the Braves; the family of jazz organists; how he got his start playing organ and who turned him on to jazz. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @bravesorganist.

The Jazz Session #400: Donald Brown

The Jazz Session celebrates 400 episodes with pianist, educator and former Jazz Messenger Donald Brown. This interview was recorded at Brown’s home in Knoxville, TN, during the first part of the “Jazz Or Bust” Tour. In this interview, Brown talks about his early days in Memphis; why writing music has always been important to him; his R&B roots; the injuries he sustained through improper technique and how they’ve affected his career; and his forthcoming recording project.

Note: Except for the first track, the music in this interview comes from Brown’s 2008 recording Fast Forward To The Past (Space Time Records). The first track is from a compilation called Tenors & Satin: The Knoxville Jazz Session.

The Jazz Session #399: Evan Cobb

Woodwind player Evan Cobb’s 2011 CD Falling Up was recorded in the town he calls home, Nashville. In this interview, Cobb talks about his unlikely move to Nashville; the city’s jazz scene; the importance of playing multiple horns; how he knew he was ready to put out a record; and the effect of Nashville itself on his writing. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @evancobbjazz.

The Jazz Session #398: Rahsaan Barber

Nashville saxophonist Rahsaan Barber’s most recent album is Everyday Magic (Jazz Music City, 2011). In this interview, Barber talks about deciding to establish his career in his hometown, even after living in New York; the jazz scene in Nashville and how he sees it evolving; and why there was never a chance that he and his brother Roland would become accountants. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @rjbsax.