The Jazz Session #205: Stephen Haynes

Trumpeter Stephen Haynes is joined by Warren Smith and Joe Morris on his new trio CD Parrhesia (Engine, 2010). In this interview, Haynes talks about “relational” arranging; how the album captured a special day in the recording studio; and why he tries to focus on making music in his local area. Learn more at

The Jazz Session #178: Taylor Ho Bynum

Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum has his fingers in so many pies, he should open a bakery. In addition to his recent CD Madeleine Dreams (Firehouse 12 Records, 2009) with his band SpiderMonkey Strings, he’s also on a new duo CD, Stepwise (Not Two Records, 2010), with drummer Tomas Fujiwara. And he’s helping run the Tri-Centric Foundation, which preserves and advances the music of Anthony Braxton. And he helps run a record label. And he’s launching a fall tour … by bicycle. He talks about all that and more in this interview. Learn more at