The Jazz Session #494: Francesco Guerri

Italian cellist Francesco Guerri has a new solo cello album on RareNoise Records called Su Mimmi non si spara! (“Don’t shoot Mimmi!”) In this interview, Guerri talks about the path from improvisation to composition; how a chance meeting brought him back to the cello in a new way; why he wants his music to reflect the truths of life; and more.

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The Jazz Session #446: Akua Dixon


Cellist Akua Dixon has just released a self-titled solo album that features arrangements she’s written for a variety of ensembles and occasions, but never had the chance to record. In this interview, Dixon talks about her career as a performer and arranger, going all the way back to the band at the Apollo; the traditional and innovative ways she arranges for string quartet; the shameful lack of African-American musicians in American orchestras today; and her time playing with many musical giants, including Max Roach. Learn more at


The Jazz Session #383: Janel and Anthony

Janel and Anthony’s new album is Where Is Home (Cuneiform, 2012). In this interview, cellist Janel Leppin and guitarist Anthony Pirog talk about how they found each other and realized they should start a band; the sonic landscapes they create live and in the studio; and how they move past just the sound of a guitar and a cello. Learn more at and follow them on Twitter at @janelandanthony.