The Jazz Session #482: Mark Dresser

Bassist Mark Dresser‘s new septet album is Ain’t Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You. It’s an album that speaks truth to power while also displaying master improvisers at their best. In this interview, Dresser discusses the sonic properties he looks for in his musicians; the way he experiments with the sound of his bass; his “telematic concerts,” which use the internet to stage global performances, and more.

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The Jazz Session #477: Moppa Elliott

Bassist Moppa Elliott is the founder of the band Mostly Other People Do The Killing. He’s just released a new triple-album under his own name called Jazz Band/Rock Band/Dance Band. It features three very different bands playing his music. In this interview Elliott talks about the genesis of the project; the benefits of camaraderie and baseball; his approach to teaching high school students about past masters; and more. Learn more at

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The Jazz Session #472: Tim Lefebvre

Bassist Tim Lefebvre was a longtime member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and played on David Bowie’s final album. Along with other members of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, he formed Whose Hat Is This?, an improvising collective. Their new album with MC and vocalist Kokayi is Everything’s OK. In this interview, Lefebvre talks about his many musical projects as both a bassist and a producer; working with David Bowie; adapting to musical situations; and more. Learn more at

The Jazz Session #465: Adi Meyerson

Bassist Adi Meyerson grew up in Israel, discovered jazz in her late teens, got into a conservatory for upright bass a few months after picking up the instrument, and then made her way to the New School in New York. Six years after moving to the US, she’s released her debut album, Where We Stand, and is a busy player in the New York scene. Learn more at

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The Jazz Session #461: Chris Lightcap


Bassist Chris Lightcap released the album Epicenter in 2015 with his band Bigmouth. In this interview, Lightcap talks about the past, present and future of Bigmouth; his many other projects; why New York City has been such a big influence on his writing; and why it sometimes takes him years to really listen thoroughly to an album he likes. Learn more at

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