The Jazz Session #426: Michael Weiss and Sean H. Doyle


Michael Weiss is a pianist and composer. His most recent album is Soul Journey. In this interview, Weiss talks about his often challenging music and how he revisits compositions for each performance; his years with jazz masters such as Jon Hendricks, Junior Cook and Johnny Griffin; and how listening to Wayne Shorter gave him the green light to try more adventurous writing. Learn more at


Sean H. Doyle is a writer and recovering musician from Brooklyn. Following up on a conversation on Twitter, Sean and I talk about attitude in music and why it attracts him. Sean also gives listeners several suggestions on bands from the punk and noise worlds, and talks about the similarities they share with improvised music. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @seanhdoyle.

The Jazz Session #425: Angela Davis


Saxophonist Angela Davis’s debut album is The Art of The Melody (2013). In this interview, Davis talks about her Australian roots; why she’s most interested in the lineage of players such as Lee Konitz, with whom she’s studied; melodic improvisation; and how to approach songs from outside the jazz canon. Learn more at and follow her on Twitter at @musicaldavis.

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Your favorite Clifford Brown performances


I asked folks on Twitter and Facebook for their favorite performances by trumpeter Clifford Brown. Here’s what they said:

Alison Wedding, Justin Smith and Nicholas Urie said “Delilah.” Nicholas said, “They cultivated such an incredibly clear atmosphere in Delilah. The arrangement is also incredible — it is just great! This was one of the first jazz records I bought in junior high. I picked up the Brown/Roach record on a recommendation and Ornette’s Double Quartet record because I liked the cover. I listened to them both on repeat for the better part of a year.”

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