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The Jazz Session is a member-supported online interview show focusing on in-depth conversations with improvising musicians. It’s the first and oldest such podcast, having started way back in the ancient times, aka 2007. The show’s mission is to chronicle the lives and opinions of musicians who make creative improvised music, without regard to artificial genres or labels. Please become a member today.

Why Should I Join?

The Jazz Session has amassed a truly unique archive of in-depth conversations with folks who’ve been making improvised music during the past 14 years. Supporting The Jazz Session means acknowledging that these artists and their stories are worth preserving. Plus it seems right that Jason should be able to eat and sleep indoors as a result of all that work.

There are two levels of membership: $5 a month and $10 a month. At $5 you get early access to every show plus an extra weekly episode called Track of the Week on which an artist talks about a track from one of their albums. Sometimes Jason does it, too. At $10 you get all the stuff the $5 folks get, plus an additional monthly bonus episode that could be a deep dive into an album, a chat with a jazz fan, bonus material from interviews, and more. Please become a member today.

About Jason Crane



Jason Crane was born in 1973 in Lenox, Massachusetts, home of Tanglewood and former home of the famed Music Inn and the Lenox School of Jazz.


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