A poem for Art Pepper

Art Pepper is my favorite alto saxophonist and one of my favorite musicians, period. I wrote this while listening to Stuttgart May 25, 1981 – Unreleased Art Vol. V. Art’s wife, Laurie, has been on The Jazz Session twice. If you’d like to learn more about Art, please listen to her appearances in 2007 and 2009.

Photo (c) Laurie Pepper

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Author: Nicky Schrire

1 thought on “A poem for Art Pepper

  1. I first listened to Art Pepper on vinyl when researching Stan Kenton in the late 80’s. I was struck by his tone first and then by the obvious love that he had for his instrument. I went on to buy “The Way it Was” album and I’m still listening to it now. This record is as deep as you want it to be … still very cool, still very tonal … a lovely listen :-)

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